Service Platform

Preventive, Predictive, Proactive Maintenance

The BluEdge Service Platform is a best-in-class aftermarket and service offering from AHI Carrier. By opting for this holistic, tier-based, customizable solution, you can maximize performance, protect your investments, and maintain your HVAC budget, while being assured of your equipment’s best performance and long life.

bluedge is a holistic service offering

that includes the following service components

Carrier SMART

Real-time transmission of equipment operating data by Carrier SMART, leveraging wireless technology and Carrier’s cloud-based IoT platform to monitor equipment’s health and address potential issues before they arise

Carrier SMART

Operating Inspections

Thorough inspection and adjustment of the equipment by Carrier technicians to ensure that the equipment is performing effectively and efficiently

Operating Inspections

Annual Preventative

Overall maintenance in machine shutdown mode, undertaken once a year, to ensure longevity and higher reliability

Annual Preventative Maintenance

Seasonal Start-Up

Cooling and Heating Start-Up Services to ensure optimal seasonal performance

Seasonal Start-up

Repairs and Emergency

Quick turnaround time for repair, temporary rental, or replacement requests to address emergencies

Repairs and Emergency Services

Predictive Maintenance

Advanced analytics tools to identify hidden problems before they become emergency issues

Predictive Maintenance

Why Choose BluEdge?

Factory-certified technicians


Comprehensive HVAC expertise across brands

Comprehensive HVAC
expertise across

Focus on safety and efficiency

Focus on safety
and efficiency

Multiple options for customizable care

Multiple options for
customizable care

Standard procedures

Standard procedures

Tailor-made Plans

BluEdge service plans are designed for customization, depending on your business and its unique usage, maintenance needs, and budget. You can choose from any of the below plans and we can help you tailor it to suit your requirements.

Service An economical solution for customers with IoT enabled equipment. This plan provides real-time data collection plus remote inspection along with monthly reporting. An annual maintenance program with customizable options on operating inspection and preventative maintenance site visits. A full protection plan with customizable options for breakdown cover and replacement of failed parts. A comprehensive cooling or heating contingency plan can be put in place.
Connected Services/Remote Inspections
Carrier SMART Platform
Customer Portal
Real-time Equipment
Performance Dashboard
Monthly Report on
Equipment Performance

Annual Maintenance
Preventative Maintenance
Service Options

Unscheduled Repair
Parts and Labor

Parts and Labor

Contingency Planning
and Report

Advanced Analytics
Included Optional add-on Not included

We have extensive experience servicing all major heating, ventilation, and cooling manufacturers’ equipment, as well
as unmatched technical understanding of HVAC systems, including:

Air and Water Cooled Chillers

Air and Water
Cooled Chillers

Packaged Unitary Equipment


Air Handling Units

Air Handling

Cooling Towers

Cooling Towers

Building Controls


Heat Exchangers




Split Systems

Split Systems



Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF)

Flow (VRF)

AHI-Carrier’s BluEdge service is not limited to Carrier equipment. Our extensive experience and unmatched technical understanding enable us to extend this service to all major heating, ventilation, and cooling manufacturers’ equipment as well.



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