Carrier SMART Service

A Digital Transformation in Protected Warranty

iWarranty: Now Available with your New Carrier Chillers

With the purchase of your *chiller, we are including an iWarranty, featuring the latest and most advanced digital IoT technology. We will activate your chiller for digital connectivity and you will receive from us our exclusive digital solution, Carrier SMART Service. The iWarranty extends the standard one-year warranty period to two years.

*Available for selected product ranges per region.

Already using Carrier SMART?

View your chillers performance through the Carrier SMART CS Portal.


Carrier SMART brings together the power of the latest digital technologies to combine real-time insights and the ever-reliable support services of our technical teams.

Carrier SMART Service

Benefits of iWarranty

24/7 emergency support

24/7 Support

24/7 access to emergency remote technical support enabled with live real-time chiller data to support corrective actions

Access to Carrier Smart application

Carrier SMART Application

Access, for you and your facility maintenance teams, to the Carrier Smart application available through a web portal and mobile application

Auto generated monthly reports

Monthly reports

Automatically generated monthly reports for monitoring and evidence of equipment performance

Fully compliant components and operations


Fully compliant equipment components and operations

Verified operation and configuration during the initial run-in period

Verified Operation

Verified operation and configuration during the initial run-in period, documented through the Carrier SMART reporting tool

Enhanced equipment reliability and extended operational life

Enhanced Reliability

Enhanced equipment reliability and extended operational life of the equipment

Proactive troubleshooting

Proactive Troubleshooting

Proactive troubleshooting to prevent small issues from becoming big, expensive problems

Smart Features

Alarm Notification

Customizable notifications via web portal or application for facility management teams

Live Data Access

Real-time, remote supervision of data – 24×7, 365 days a year

Corrective Action

Remote or on-site intervention for advanced diagnostics


Automatically generated, customizable monthly reports

Trend Diagnostics

Operational data analysis for enhanced equipment reliability

Performance Analysis

Continuous energy performance improvement

Predictive Maintenance

Advanced analytics tools to identify hidden problems before they become emergency issues

Email Alerts

Real-time data retrieved from website, including parameters log, event/temperature curve, and more

Carrier SMART Monthly Report

Carrier SMART Monthly Reports
Monthly And Annual Reports Provide Details Of:
  • Trends
  • Operating Times
  • Number of Starts
  • Event Reports
  • Preventive Maintenance


powered by Eco Energy Insights

An evolution from traditional maintenance and onsite reporting and analysis, Advanced Analytics transforms the operations of your chillers.

Powered by the CORTIX™ artificial intelligence platform, Advanced Analytics offers you all the information you need to keep your equipment performing its best and delivering its objectives.

Data transmitted from a remotely located chiller is translated, corralled, contextualized, and analyzed by an artificial intelligence to generate actionable insights that are categorized by priority.

Using the mobile or desktop application, you can view all your assets with a possible risk of failure, the reasons for their poor health, and the suggested remedies – all in one glance!

With Advanced Analytics, you can be assured of:

  • Improved visibility of operations
  • Reduced incidents of failure
  • Increased uptime
  • Proactive management
  • Better equipment performance and efficiency
  • Reduced operating and maintenance costs
Connected Services Advanced Analytics

Analytics through Cortix provides actionable insights

Analytics through Cortix provides actionable insights Analytics through Cortix provides actionable insights

The Advanced Analytics Platform is:

Product agnostic
Product agnostic

Can be connected to any chiller / HVAC equipment

Cloud based
Cloud based

Deliver insights in real-time


Contextualizes data to give relevant results


Can be customized to suit your specific needs