Healthy Buildings

Creating safe, efficient, and productive indoor spaces

The Healthy Buildings program has been thoughtfully curated, taking into consideration the COVID-19 pandemic, the rising pollution levels, and the pressing need for healthier environments. By bringing together a range of products, touchless solutions, and remote services, AHI Carrier transforms commercial offices, healthcare facilities, hotels, schools, retail spaces, and homes into spaces where you will feel safer and be more productive.

The comprehensive approach of the Healthy Buildings program takes the following areas of your building’s health into consideration:



Air Quality

Air Quality

Thermal Health

Thermal Health







Healthy Buildings Assessment Services


This service ensures that your new/acquired building is ready for occupancy through:

  • Rigorous recommissioning of your HVAC equipment
  • Implementation of best practices
Seasonal Start-up


We provide on-demand HVAC equipment to reopen your building safely and quickly despite the pandemic situation with:

  • Detailed site evaluations for critical areas
  • New ventilation and IAQ requirements for employee health
  • System upgrade requirements until you upgrade your HVAC system for the long-term
Emergency Assets


Through this assessment, we test the air quality within your building and, accordingly, implement upgrades to ensure:

  • Optimal air quality with the right combination of filtration, airflow, and ventilation
  • Corporate-wide IAQ engineering standards, developed and implemented by our experts
Indoor Air Quality Assessment

Remote Management


We remotely connect to your HVAC and other building systems to provide advanced cloud-based analytics for:

  • Optimized energy efficiency, equipment uptime, occupant comfort, and operational productivity
  • Digital services based on actionable insights from CORTIX™ Building IoT platform
Remote Energy Management


Enabled by a 24×7 Command Center, this includes the remote management of your building’s airside, providing a safe and comfortable environment for occupants, along with:

  • Continuous validation of IAQ parameters
  • Periodic checks of equipment health
  • Continuous airside commissioning
Remote Airside Management



We provide security solutions and upgrades to increase the resilience of your building and provide a safer working environment through:

  • Contactless access management, body temperature screening and video analytics
  • Support from connected services, remote monitoring and remote diagnostics
Security Services


Our advanced access services help you set limits on the number of people allowed within a certain space during a given time and give you better control over site density through:

  • Access restriction when the maximum number has been met
  • Alerts to notify you when unauthorized access is attempted to blocked areas
  • Reports for contact tracing to help maximize public health and safety
  • Other custom solutions based on your facility’s specific needs/challenges
Advanced Access Services


OptiClean™ negative air machine

OptiClean™ negative air machine to remove contaminated air, prevent it from spreading to different sections of a building and discharge cleaner air back into a room

Agion-coated 39M air handling unit

Agion-coated 39M air handling unit for minimizing the spread of infectious disease by inhibiting bacterial and microbial growth on the interior of the unit

ActivAir™ hybrid hydronic air terminal

ActivAir™ hybrid hydronic air terminal for increased ventilation and outside air, key infection control strategies with low noise

MERV filters and HEPA filters

MERV filters and HEPA filters to remove particulate matter from the air

Infinity™ electrostatic filter

Infinity™ electrostatic filter to remove pathogens that are airborne

UVC light devices

UVC light devices to target viruses and kill them

UV photocatalytic oxidation

UV photocatalytic oxidation to remove volatile organic compounds and improve IAQ

Environmental Index™ tool

Environmental Index™ tool that enables building operators to manage temperature, humidity and CO2 levels

DirectKey™ mobile access

DirectKey™ mobile access for safe, contactless access to hotel rooms by eliminating traditional touch points

BlueDiamond™ touchless access

BlueDiamond™ touchless access for implementation of industry leading mobile credentialing technology, eliminating access touch points

MyWay™ mobile platform

MyWay™ mobile platform for integrated HVAC, lighting, elevator and other system controls, touchless access, indoor location and other personalized occupant services

FireWorks® incident management platform

FireWorks® incident management platform to control up to 8,000 Edwards fire alarm panels and provide timely communications during threats both in standalone buildings and expansive campuses

SmartCell™ wireless platform

SmartCell™ wireless platform for fire detection and a range of sophisticated fire devices

Why Choose Healthy Buildings?

We spend 90% of our time indoors and, therefore,
the quality of our living spaces has a direct impact on overall health

Improve cognitive function

higher crisis response scores


higher information usage scores


higher strategy scores

Improve personal health

Fewer sick building symptoms and better environmental perceptions


Higher sleep quality scores

Primary support for the study came from Carrier. MacNaughton P, Allen J, Satish U, Laurent J, Flanigan S, Vallarino J, Coull B, Spengler. 2016. The Impact of Working in a Green Certified Building on Cognitive Function and Health. Building and Environment DOI: 10.1016/j.buildenv.2016.11.041

Improve societal health

savings in energy costs


savings in combined health and climate benefits

Primary support for the study came from Carrier. MacNaughton P, Cao X, Buonocore J, Cedeno-Laurent J, Spengler J, Bernstein A, and Allen J. Energy Savings, Emission Reductions, and Health Co-Benefits of the Green Building Movement. 30 January 2018. Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology.