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Toshiba was the first company to incorporate inverter technology into air conditioning systems in 1981 and since then it has always maintained a technological advantage over its competitors.The development of the new and exclusive DC hybrid inverter system has reaffirmed this ability to innovate and maintain technological leadership in a fast-growing market. But for Toshiba, innovation also means a strong commitment tonternational institutions that carefully evaluate the impact of new technologies on our environment.Toshiba combines technological development with care for future generations: the result is a range of extremely energy-efficient air conditioners, reducing greenhouse gas emissions at source. Toshiba continuous research developed PWM technology, which is used together with the traditional PAM control.The application of these two distinct technologies allows total control of performance and energy use.Regardless of which model you decide for, all Toshiba air conditioners operate with high efficiency, ensure fresh and well filtered air and perfect temperatures all year round.

Single or Multi System

A single installation is comprised of an inside unit and an outside unit.Multi split systems supply up to 5 inside units with a single outside unit.The greatest benefits of a multi system are that much less space is needed and the installation is simpler.

Light commercial Solutions for professionals, from professionals

Toshiba Digital and Super Digital Inverter systems deliver exceptional operating savings in extremely compact units.With state-of-the-art technologies, flexible controls and improved installation they bring comfort and convenience to any business installation.A complete range of indoor units satisfies all commercial applications: ceiling, cassette, ducted, suspended, high-wall and flexi units.The enlargement of the range with maximum cooling capacities up to 27 kW allows to address even more commercial applications with larger volumes.These include air conditioners from the “Digital Inverter” and “Super Digital Inverter” or “Digital Inverter BIG” product lines.Three TOSHIBA product lines shine with the benefits of vector IPDU inverter technology, guaranteeing optimal solutions for utility costs, maintenance and versatility.

All the flexibility you have ever dreamt of

If you want high performance, compact units and optimum comfort, Toshiba has the ideal product for your requirements.With the continuous improvement of the inverter control system, Toshiba offers vector control for its DC hybrid inverter, which enhances system efficiency and reduces noise levels.High-tech elements include improved coils, high precision components and higher refrigerant compression thanks to redesigned compression channels.Super Digital and Digital Inverter systems able to satisfy applications that require cooling at low perating conditions down to -15 °C, while powerful heating capacities are possible at -20 °C outdoor temperature.The enhanced Eco-driving DC twin-rotary compressor delivers stable performance with extremely low rotor friction, making it ideal for noise-sensitive applications as well as for efficient operations in partial load conditions.