AHI Carrier brings world-class air conditioning to homes around the world. Our range of premium products from Carrier and Toshiba deliver powerful cooling, energy-efficient operations, and quiet comfort.

  • Consistent temperature, humidity and air quality from room to room, hour to hour and minute to minute
  • A wide range of air quality solutions, including humidifiers, ventilators, ultraviolet lamps, air filters and monitors.
  • Silent operations and high energy efficiency for a luxurious ambience and low monthly operational costs.


AHI Carrier brings you a comprehensive range of light commercial air-conditioning solutions covering a wide capacity range, to suit your specific requirement perfectly.

  • Air-conditioning products that fit comfortably into your space, work efficiently, and complement your interiors.
  • Comfortable environments that increase the performance of your business and the productivity of your people.
  • Drastic reduction of operating costs and increased energy efficiency by offering high partial efficiencies


AHI Carrier offers you innovative technologies that provide the best in comfort, performance, and value-for-money with Variable Refrigerant Flow systems (VRF).

VRF Systems provide a comprehensive range of light commercial air-conditioning solutions covering a wide capacity range, to suit your specific requirement perfectly.

  • Eco-friendly modular heat pump systems that provide the highest level of energy-efficiency and trouble-free operation
  • A hybrid inverter compressor technology with Toshiba’s Infinite Capacity Control and Wave Tool technology for easy remote monitoring
  • Plug-and-play connectivity with all major building management and energy monitoring interfaces


AHI Carrier delivers commercial building solutions through Carrier’s products and an industry-leading approach to exceptional performance with less energy and lower environmental impact.

  • Solutions ideal for both retrofitting an existing structure or designing and constructing a new high-rise building with sustainable solutions
  • End-to-end support – from product supply to installation, maintenance, performance monitoring, and servicing
  • Maximum efficiency guaranteed through automated building systems, vibration testing, thermal imaging, remote monitoring, and more


AHI Carrier teams up with Riello and Beretta, the world leaders in the industry, to provide top-quality products for residential, commercial and industrial heating applications.

  • Practically designed products that work for you, developed through a combination of technological innovation and industry experience
  • Household, industrial and floor-standing boilers from the experts
  • A wide range of complementary products that can improve the customer experience with your exclusive heater, boiler or burner


We give you the tools. You take control.

  • With controls ranging from thermostats and zoning systems to powerful, web-based software products, Carrier places the power to keep your system operating at peak performance at your fingertips.
  • We’re experts in helping you balance the growing need for efficiency with the consistent demand for comfort.


AHI Carrier’s fire and security business encompass a wide range of solutions and services for residential, commercial, and industrial systems, delivered through leading manufacturers and innovators from across the world.

  • Fire safety, detection, and suppression solutions including, fire and carbon monoxide detection, alarm signaling, incident management, evacuation, monitoring; fire, gas and water mist suppression, fire and gas safety solutions, and HVAC, industrial equipment controls
  • Security solutions including, access control and event monitoring, electronic locks, hospitality solutions, mobile apps and credentialing, real estate access solutions, remote access management, and video management


AHI Carrier’s extensive experience and unmatched technical understanding enable us to extend a range of aftermarket and digital service offerings for users of all major heating, ventilation, and cooling manufacturers’ equipment.

  • Includes Carrier’s ‘Healthy Buildings Program’, tiered and customizable ‘BluEdge’ maintenance solutions, and the technologically advanced ‘Carrier SMART’ services, to name a few
  • Aftermarket services available for water-cooled and air-cooled chiller, packaged unitary equipment, variable refrigerant flow (VRF), air handling units, cooling towers, building controls, heat exchangers, boilers, split systems, and pumps


AHI Carrier leverages Carrier’s Marine Solutions – chillers, condensing units, air handlers, and refrigeration equipment – to serve oil and gas applications, safely and efficiently.

  • Highly customizable products, adaptable to multiple commercial applications with unique conditions and needs
  • Safe-to-use in hazardous locations using NEC, NFPA 70, Chapter 5, Article 500 or ATEX construction methods
  • Promising feature-set for high performance, energy efficiency, and on-demand control